What to expect at your first pole dancing class

So you’ve decided you want to try pole dancing. Awesome – we can’t wait to have you! We’re biased – but we think you’ll love it!

So what should you bring to your first class? What should you wear? And what can you expect? It can feel a bit overwhelming but not to worry – we’ve got you covered!


What can I expect?

At The Scar-Lit Box we believe in small, intimate classes – usually no more than six students per class. This means that you will get loads of attention from the instructors who can help you as you go along – and feel free to ask them anything and everything!

The instructor will start you off with a short warm-up to get your neck, shoulders, arms and legs nice and loose.

She will then start you off with a few fun spins and basic moves to get you used to the pole.

The following will likely happen:

  1. You will probably do a koala impression and hug the pole. This is normal.
  2. Your hands will get super sweaty and you’ll slip around a bit. This is normal.
  3. You’ll feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. This is normal.
  4. You’ll experience a crazy adrenaline high and start visualising your professional pole dance career. This is normal 🙂

The first three things in the list go away after your first few classes – the crazy adrenaline high sticks around, though 😉

Classes last 60 minutes, and are wrapped up with a few minutes of stretching to cool down.

What should I wear?

gen-on-poleNothing fancy – just comfortable workout gear. Ideally, shorts. There’s actually a reason pole dancers wear very little clothing – our skin helps us grip onto the pole. If you prefer, you can wear gym tights or pants at first – whatever you feel most comfortable in.

Also, leave your jewellery at home if you can – and take off any rings before you get to the pole. They can a) scratch you or b) scratch the pole. Neither are great.

Also, try to not put any lotion on your hands the morning of your first class. Lotion leads to slipping!

What should I bring?

Not much! A water bottle, and if you don’t want to use the studio-provided ones, a workout towel to clean the pole as we go along (your hands will get sweaty – that’s normal!)

Also bring cash to pay if you’re paying for a drop-in class. This will stop you from needing to do a dash to the ATM after class.

And remember…

Pole dance is a way to have fun, get fit, feel powerful and fall in love with what your body can do. Every pole dancer started where you are – but with our amazing team of instructors and our super-supportive students, it won’t be long before you’re flipping upside down like the rest of them!

We host intro classes for newbies every Saturday morning at 11am. A class costs R80, and a slot can be booked with Genevieve on 072 275 6964 or thescarlitbox@gmail.com.

You can also take a look through our class schedule here to decide on what time slots best suit your lifestyle.