We love our amazing students – and we love their feedback! Here are a few of their testimonials…

“Thank you again! A thoroughly  good time had by all, and you got us started  on a fabulous foot for Stardust because we danced all evening and I noticed that everybody was feeling particularly appreciative of their long legs and beautiful  curves!”  ~ Emma Proctor, Burlesque Hen Party Organiser

“Gen introduced me to exotic two years ago and since then has taken me on a journey of body discovery through slow flow and heel clacks. Her exotic dance style has this delectable sticky smoothness to it that draws you in and demands your attention. You find yourself wanting to be in her shoes to learn her sultry ways. If you want a teacher that will bring out your inner sexy feels in a safe and encouraging space, then Gen’s exotic class is where you need to be (she is also no stranger to binding your legs together to make sure floor flow is on point 😉 ).” – Courtney, Pole Dancing Student

“Lovely atmosphere. Fun exercise. Great people.” ~ Tessa Cloete, Pole Dancing Student

“First of all, Gen is a lovely person and a great teacher – especially for beginners. She is so patient and understanding and also lots of fun. I also think the class prices are very reasonable and the studio is centrally located. I have already told many of my friends about it.” ~ Sorrel, Pole Dancing Student

“So happy here! Best Studio.”  ~ Bridget, Pole Dancing Student

“I have referred friends and brought them with to classes, because pole dancing is honestly the coolest thing I’ve ever done. The classes are small so you can get individual attention. I’m definitely becoming slightly addicted to pole dancing and that’s because of The Scar-Lit Box.” ~ Lauren, Pole Dancing Student